At SMB Fitness we have a fully equipped fitness suite. There are two seperate rooms one with cable machines and cardio and the other with free weights. Whether you are a person who wants to loose weight and get a little fitter,  training for a specific sport or a challenging event we have all the equipment you need.


Gym opening times 4am - 10pm Mon - Sun Fobe access.

For more information on Gym memberships, please get in touch.


Gym Induction Free

This includes health questions and a full induction of the fitness equipment. Please phone or Facebook to book this in. We are unable to do walk in. 





£150 upfront payment for 6 months! Saves £30!


6 Months Membership

Pay £150. Includes all the benefits of the monthly membership for 6 months.




To book an induction or for any other enquires please contact

Martin Browne Tel: 01874 611652

How to book

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Use our contact form or simply call us on:

Tel: 01874 611652

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Pay £150 upfront for 6 months gym membership to save £30!


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